Water Max Doors

Fibreglass Doors

Why Fibreglass Doors?

Why Fiberglass

Fibreglass Door Comparison

Performance/ Materials  Fiberglass Wood  Aluminium Steel
Water Resistant High Low Middle Rust
Impact Resistance High Middle High Low
Scratch Resistance High None Middle Low
Easy to re-paint/Maintain Yes Yes Yes Yes
Energy Efficiency High
(5 Stars)
Low Low Low

Available in Australian standard sizes:

  • 720 x 2040 x 35/40mm
  • 820 x 2040 x 35/40mm
  • 920 x 2040 x 35/40mm
  • 1020 x 2040 x 40mm
  • 1200 x 2040 x 40mm

Glazing options available

  • Able to be painted or stained
  • Trimmable structure
  • Available in a range if colours:

    Fiberglass Colours