Choosing the Right Door - Entry or Internal Doors Guide

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Door Products

When it comes to interior and exterior door installation , The Doors is the Right Choice.

  • Entry doors ( Exterior doors )
  • Internal doors ( Interior doors )
  • Hollow core doors
  • Solid timber doors

For example , Exterior Doors here are known in the trade as entry doors. They can be back doors or side doors, too, not just front doors. The main entrance commands the most attention from the street, it also commands the most attention in the marketplace.

As such, it's becoming easier to customize a door; Homeowners are taking advantage of that, adding glass panels or sidelights.

How to Choose

Most doors perform very well, we found, so appearance and price will often be the deciding factor. But in selecting a door, you also need to keep some practical considerations in mind.

Know the pros and cons of glass. Entry doors like the ones on our catalogue are available in different variations, depending on which panel design, 
glass inserts, sidelights, or transoms you choose. The more elaborate the glass, the more the door will cost.

Keep energy efficiency in perspective. Solid doors have more insulating value than Hollow core doors, but the differences really don't matter much. For one thing, doors are a very small part of the surface area of a house and therefore don't allow large amounts of warm to air escape. For another, heat is generally lost through air leaks around the door, not through the door itself.

We think it's better to use price or style, not claims for energy efficiency, to choose between doors you're considering.

Remember that size matters. Unless you're replacing an entry door as part of a larger remodelling project, you may want the new door to be 
the same size as the old. If you opt for a wider or taller door or want to add sidelights, you'll have to redo the framing that holds the door in place. 
That's something best left to The Doors.